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April 20, 2007

Conference Photos, Links, and Coverage

There’s a group on where photos can be posted and shared. Please add yours!

Also, links of interest as well as URLs mentioned and referenced throughout the conference can be aggregated on under the tag “polispace”

Have at it!

All video interviews conducted during the conference can be watched/downloaded here.


People twittering the conference:

* Amy Gahran’s twitter | blog
* Alfred Hermida’s twitter | blog
* Andy Sternberg’s twitter | blog

April 20, 2007

Interview: Lee Horwich, USA TODAY

An interview with Lee Horwich, senior assignment editor for USA TODAY‘s Washington desk, is serving as national editor for transportation, political editor, and a lead editor in redesignig print and online politics coverage for the 2008 election cycle.

April 20, 2007

Readers talk back

The Orange County Register decided to allow comments on all its stories, but have had to deal with a lot of problems stemming from inappropriate user comments. Issues such as who will edit the comments, the question of censorship and whether comments should be allowed on every story.

This debate seems old, or at least common in news Web site circles. Not much new here, but still haven’t figured out an answer.

Maybe a newer angle is a question asked by Rachel Nixon from do you ask users what kind of stories they want or what they want to see covered?

Michael Sokoler of the Center for at American Public Media offered an interesting point of view: there’s a big difference between watching people respond to what we do and asking what they want us to cover? It’s hard to get people to say what they want without having them rely on traditional buzzwords to identify those topics - meaning things that are already covered.

He said there’s been a decline in relevance of the news, loss of connection between the public and the news media and it’s crucial to ask readers what they want to know about and to see and to create more of a partnership between the media and its public.

April 20, 2007

Interview: Jim Smith, Boston Globe

James F. Smith is the national political editor for Boston Globe and

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