Election '08: Cyber-Watchdogs

April 25, 2008

Seattle Times and Citizen Journalism

Using the public

Here is an example of the way the Seattle Times embraced citizen journalism. 

April 25, 2008

Bakersfield Californian


As Vikki Porter says, the motto for the Bakersfield Californian: blogging first and print later. They also have a 10 years worth of state and district campaign contributions database. Click here.

April 25, 2008

Begin with visualization in mind

Do you want to spice up your online reporting?  Think visualization.

During Matthew Waite’s presentation on visualizing your reporting, he urged reporters and editors to do something that sounds simple - think visual. Yet, he warned that it’s not easy. His advice: think about interactive elements first. This wisdom boils down to starting backwards for most print journalists. Don’t wait until the story is done to figure out how to visually present it. You’ll frustrate yourself and your graphics department. Begin with the end in mind. Think interactive first.

April 25, 2008

Newspapers and “Citizen Journalists”

Should newspapers turn to free hires for help?

Marc Cooper, when talking about The Huffington’s “Off the Bus” project, said he didn’t see why more traditional media outlets couldn’t turn to “regular folk” for reporting and then have trained editors churn out a story from the information gathered.  This suggestion raised quite a commotion.  Unfortunately, the conversation was cut short.  So let’s continue it here on-line.  What do folks think?  Will citizen journalism continue to grow?  And what does that mean for the future of reporters?  And what of Marc’s suggestion?  Why aren’t newspapers doing more projects like “Off the Bus”?

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