Election '08: Cyber-Watchdogs

April 24, 2008

How do we make money?

Will the sort of work that is being done by nonprofits in this area be taken over by profit-making companies? Should it?


As I was thinking about coming to this seminar, I kept coming back to a question that I don’t normally ask myself in this sort of setting: How are we going to make money doing what we are talking about at this event? It is striking that so much of the good work is being done by nonprofits. Certainly, I don’t care who does the work, as long as it gets done. But in the longterm, I think for this work to be sustained it needs to be profitable. Am I wrong? I was telling another fellow that I wonder whether the role of nonprofits is simply a transitional phase. Thoughts?

Bill Theobald


This blog reflects the way a group of USC Annenberg graduate students interpret what they hear during the three-day workshop: Election '08: Unleashing the Cyber-Watchdogs. We invite you to comment on what you read or to contribute your own insight and ideas to the concepts we are discussing.

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