Leadership Report 2008

The Knight Digital Media Center at USC Annenberg School for Communication seeks to put important ideas and tools into the hands of journalism leaders who are creating new ways to provide news and information across many platforms.

The center’s efforts include intensive leadership conferences in 2007 and 2008. These events brought together 44 top editors from 22 organizations with experts in online audiences, new technologies, product development and organizational learning, multimedia best practices and leadership for a digital age. Knight Digital Media Center also has launched the Leadership 3.0 blog as an ongoing resource for leaders of digital news organizations and report on strategies, innovations and leadership practices of participating conference organizations and other journalism leaders.

“If the Knight Digital Media Center is to help good journalism and good journalists survive and thrive in the changing media landscape, it must help those who lead news organizations—both traditional and alternative—to develop the intellectual and strategic skill sets of innovation and entrepreneurship. The KDMC at USC Annenberg hosted the 2007 and 2008 Leadership conferences to bring smart people together to plot new courses and new ideas. We hope the Leadership Report and the News Leadership 3.0 blog will help others do the same,” says KDMC Director Vikki Porter.

This report, produced in October 2008, attempts to distill key ideas and lessons from the conferences and the blog. It is organized in the form of lists that will be updated and enriched at least several times a year.

The report:

Culture Changers
Action Steps


Leadership Report 2008


Michele McLellan

This report was written by Michele McLellan, a journalist and consultant who works on projects that help foster a healthy local news ecosystem. As senior leadership consultant for [email protected], McLellan helped develop KDMC leadership programs in 2008-2011. She also blogs about key leadership best practices at Leadership 3.0.

Leadership Blog

Read News Leadership 3.0, a blog dedicated to exploring issues of digital newsroom leadership. Visit the blog.

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