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September 15, 2009

Paid content redux at API gathering

The American Press Institute hosts an invitation-only gathering this week to consider how the struggling news industry can increase revenues

I’m occupied with a project, so I do not have time to go deep on the data being presented at the API’s invitation-only “News Media Economic Action Plan” conference. But I want to share some links for news executives pondering pay walls.
Nieman Journalism Lab has a summary with key links, including the link to Bill Densmore’s liveblogging.
A post by Steve Outing caught my eye and is worth reading as a reality check. As Outing notes, 75 percent of publishers in a new study believe that if their news is not available online, it will push people back to print. But only 30 percent of the online users say they would go back to print.
As I’ve said before, journalists, news executives and publishers look at content through their own eyes and their own investment rather than through the wants and needs of users. Unless that changes, I fear innovation and financial success will elude them.


Well you are right. As the News Media Economic Action Plan stated, growth of loaning are getting worst. A corrupt politician is one originally honest who has succumbed to temptation and begun questionable practices. And the effect? Republicans who arte suffering from this actions. Nanny legislation, like payday loan legislation or other prohibitions, come from an understandable enough instinct, but oft end up with negative blowback and maybe the Payday Loans Act in Ontario will as well. The Payday Loans Act for Ontario, Canada, establishes several restrictions for instance, no interest rate above 21% can be assessed on anything, anywhere. A payday lending business can’t, therefore, charge more than $21 per $100, which will be unsustainable for some businesses. Lenders also must be licensed, spell out any and all costs of borrowing, not allow rollover, and allow for a cooling off period.  The Payday Loans Act and similar legislation obviously won’t do anything about demand for payday loans.

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