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April 20, 2009

Social media class: Into the networks

KDMC/NewsU classmates dive into Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for this week’s assignments

Here are instructor Paul Gillin’s assignments for the online class “Using Social Media to Build Audience,” for those who want to follow along:

While different social networks abound, we are going to focus this week on three that are popular and distinct: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We’d like you to spend some time on each of these networks during the course so you understand how they work as you develop your organization’s online strategy and social media project.

We’re less interested in your becoming expert users (although that would be nice) than in giving you an opportunity to understand the appeal of these networks to their members. Among the advantages are:

- Ability to communicate with a large number of casual connections;
- Ability to find people they know or people they want to know among the network’s membership
- Ability to communicate in multiple media, including visual and audio
- Shared applications enable members to share personal information and engage in friendly competition;
- Ability to grow personal and business networks with the addition of network “friends”
- A culture that embraces self-promotion and recognition of individual expertise

This week:

  * Join the social networks Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Find at least three people you don’t know personally and want to meet on each service and establish a connection to them. Update your status on Facebook at least once this week. Post at least two “tweets” or “retweets” daily on Twitter this week. Create a professional profile on LinkedIn. (If you’ve been on any of these networks for a while, you may not need to complete that part of the assignment.)

  * On Facebook, look at three successful groups and identify features and tactics each is using to be successful. Describe these features and tactics on the Assignment Desk. Here are examples of successful groups:

Victoria’s Secret
Chris Moyles Show
Pink Floyd
Harley Davidson
Newspaper Escape Plan


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