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April 28, 2009

Social media class: Local networks

KDMC/NewsU class searches for local networks and bloggers for this week’s assignment

It is Week 3 for the online class “Using Social Media to Build Audience.” For those who want to follow along, here instructor Paul Gillin’s assignment:

In virtually all communities, residents use small networks to communicate about common interests. These networks may not be visible to news organizations that cover larger markets, but smaller market newspapers often know about them and the role they play in connecting residents to news, information and each other. These local networks and blogs may exert influence in their online communities and could be important sources of information. If they are not present in your community, that may pose an opportunity for your organization.

This week, your assignment is to identify four online networks that serve the town you live in. These may be blogs, themed sites, community resources or even online services that don’t have a Web presence, such as e-mail lists.

In my hometown, we have:

This is Framingham

This is MetroWest


Framingham Events

You have the same kinds of things going on in your town. Watch this screencast by Paul Gillin for some ways to search for these networks. Here’s a link to the list of sites he searches. You may find local blogs at as well.

Once you’ve found these networks, please answer the following questions:

  * Describe the service each site provides and give your opinion on how well it delivers on its promise.
  * Contact the owner of one of these sites and conduct an interview to determine his or her motivations and rewards.  What keeps this person going?  What kind of response does the service get? What does his service accomplish that the local news organizations do not?
  * Think about how these sites may or may not fit into your own organization’s content strategy.  Is there something your organization could do to leverage the content and the audience these establishments have built?


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