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September 19, 2008

Weekend reading: Link love

Links: Scott Karp on the value of links,
Mary Nesbitt on the value of students,
Innovate This on the value of twitter

I am playing catch-up after a couple of weeks on the road. Here are links worth checking out if you haven’t already:

—Scott Karp at Publishing 2. 0 argues the value of links in drawing audience. Karp focuses on traffic on the Drudge report. Like Drudge or not, the site has big traffic, and Karp argues that its heavy offering of links has something to do with that (and via its links, Drudge also is a top sender of traffic to major traditional news organization sites).

“There are two main reasons why news sites are reluctant to send readers away by linking to third-party content. First, you shouldn’t send people away or else they won’t come back to your site. Second, a page with links that sends people away has low engagement, which doesn’t serve advertisers well.
“But if you actually look at the data, both of these assumptions are completely wrong.”

Here’s the post and a follow up.
Karp builds on good thinking about linking from Jeff Jarvis. Here’s Jarvis.

- More recently, Jarvis looks at the big picture on member discontent with the Associated Press. The money graf:

“The AP is not bad (no matter what foolish things it may have done in the blog kerfuffle recently). It’s just expensive. Papers the size of the Cleveland Plain Dealer say they pay $1 million a year. As they get more local, as reverse syndication models come to the fore, as they have to tighten budgets, the industry-supported AP syndication model is mortally threatened. Still, this isn’t about the AP. It’s about the new architecture of news and media.”

Read the full post here.

Steve Yelvington sees change ahead as well:

“It’s clear that we’re coming to a major fork in the road, one that could profoundly reshape the way nonlocal journalism is created and distributed in America. What’s not so clear is what’s down that road, or even how many forks we’re going to face.”

Full post here.

—At Medill and the Readership Institute, Mary Nesbitt offers a little antidote to the woes of the industry - Incoming students!

- Innovate This offers still more reasons to check out Twitter.


Thanks for the link to Innovate This.

I’m enjoying your recent posts, and added a link to here from Innovate This. Maybe all two readers will find their way here.

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