Best Practices: Editorial/Commentary in Cyberspace

March 02, 2008 - March 05, 2008
Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California
In partnership with National Conference of Editorial Writers

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About the Seminar

Best Practices: Editorial and Commentary Online

The Knight Digital Media Center has published a special series on Editorial and Commentary content online, with resources for promoting civic engagement as well as interactivity.

The National Conference of Editorial Writers joined with Knight Digital Media Center to hold a conference in Los Angeles March 2-5 to explore interactive models for community opinion. Participating journalists sought to identify models for online commentary and opinion that promote civic engagement as well as interactivity. The conference was held at the Knight Digital Media Center, USC Annenberg School for Communication, Los Angeles, CA.
Twenty-four fellows were selected, representing editorial writers, especially NCEW members, who were working in online. Among the topics to be covered were:

  • A New Role? The role of a news organization’s commentary and opinion in a digital world.
  • Tools of Engagement. Exploration of technology used by news organizations to engage with audience.
  • Models for Engagement. Best strategies for exploring community issues.
  • Best Practices. Defining guiding principles for news organizations.
  • Covering communities of difference. Identifying and providing access to under-served communities.


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