Karen A.B. Jagoda

Founder and President, E-Voter Institute
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Karen A.B. Jagoda is a founder and president of E-Voter Institute (http://e-voterinstitute.com),
a trade association representing Web publishers and political and advocacy solution providers. The Institute, created in 1999 as a bipartisan organization, conducts research on the intersection of politics and the Internet. Along with a variety of sponsors and partners, the Institute has held numerous conferences that have brought together campaign experts and Internet insiders to consider the implications of changes in the political landscape. Jagoda is the host of Digital Politics, a weekly Internet radio show available on http://signonradio.com, sponsored by the Union Tribune Publishing Company. She is the author and editor of "Crossing the River: The Coming of Age of the Internet in Politics and Advocacy" (Xlibris, 2005), a book the Institute released to make the E-Voter research more widely accessible. Research from 2006 and 2007 is available from http://e.-voterinstitute.com. Jagoda received her Bachelor of Arts with a dual major in mathematics and political science from Goucher College and Master of Business Management from Johns Hopkins University.

KDMC Sessions

Politics and Web Strategies
April 24, 2008, 5:00 AM - 6:30 AM
PowerPoint: Politics and Web Strategy: Metrics of Success
PowerPoint: Congressional Elections: Looking at Some Basics
Windows Media Video: Video: Politics and Web Strategies (192 MB)
SEMINAR: Election 08: Unleashing the Cyber-watchdogs


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