Lawrence Wilkinson

Chairman, Heminge & Condell; Co-founder, Global Business Network
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Lawrence Wilkinson is chairman of Heminge & Condell, an investment and strategic advisory firm, and co-founder of Global Business Network, a strategic consulting firm, now part of the Monitor Group, where he remains "of counsel" as a strategist. Wilkinson and GBN have helped spread the scenario-planning technique for addressing large decisions and long-time horizons for organizational and project planning. Through his venture formation work at H&C, he is a director and counselor to companies he helped create. Besides GBN, they include Ealing Studios, Design Within Research, Mercantila and Character. Wilkinson was also a co-founder of Oxygen Media, Inc., the cable programming service recently sold to NBC-Universal. He helped form Wired Ventures where he was director and chief architect; Wired properties such as Wired magazine and Wired Digital/HotWired are now part of Advanced/Newhouse Communications-Conde-Nast. From 1984 to 1990 Wilkinson was president of Colossal Pictures. Earlier, he was managing partner of Wilkinson and Associates, consulting on business strategy and venture formation. Wilkinson was instrumental in founding Business Times, a cable and radio financial news service that spawned CNN/fn and The Wall Street Journal Report. In 1983, he partnered with Tom Peters to create Excel/Net, a multimedia management program. From 1979 through 1981, Wilkinson was senior vice president of KQED, Inc., San Francisco, moving there from director of planning and marketing for the Educational Broadcasting Corporation. Author of "How to Build Scenarios" and "The Future of Shopping," he has contributed to general and business periodicals and national television, cable and radio business news programs. Wilkinson graduated with honors from Harvard Business School, Oxford University and Davidson College.

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Scenario building
March 03, 2008, 2:45 PM - 4:15 PM
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SEMINAR: Best Practices: Editorial/Commentary in Cyberspace


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