Paul Singer

investigative reporter, Roll Call
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Paul Singer is an investigative reporter for Roll Call, a newspaper that has covered Congress since 1955. Singer joined the newspaper at the beginning of 2007. His coverage areas have included investigations of the personal finances of members of Congress; lobbying, fundraising and money in politics; and the controversial process of earmarking. Prior to joining Roll Call, Singer was the executive branch correspondent for National Journal, where he wrote about White House oversight of federal agencies and the relationship of politics to policy-making. He spent most of 2006 covering the government's response to Hurricane Katrina, and investigated the distribution of more than $100 billion dollars of hurricane relief money approved by Congress. In prior incarnations, Singer served as head of the Cleveland bureau of the Associated Press, where he covered the corruption trail of then-Rep. Jim Traficant (D-Ohio), and as White House correspondent for United Press International. In 2000, working for UPI, Singer traveled with Vice President Al Gore, and covered the disputed presidential election returns from a Tallahassee motel room. Singer got his professional start at Inside Washington Publishers, and credits owner Alan Sosenko with turning an energetic but utterly green kid into a reporter. Singer started his first newspaper when he was nine years old, a one-page, handwritten sheet delivered to a few houses on his block. He has been involved in journalism to some extent ever since. Singer is an alumnus of Kenyon College.

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