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January 16, 2009

Weekend reading

Links: Good news from LATimes, collaboration in Washington state, Facebook and the “trusted referral”

Jeff Jarvis explores how online revenues are catching up with newsroom costs at the Los Angeles Times in “History in the making.”
Publish2’s Jeff Korr looks at enterprising link journalism in Washington state. (Link via Etaoin Shrdlu.)
Rory O’Connor interviews Facebook’s Randi Zuckerberg for “Facebook Journalism” on Huffington Post. Here’s what Zuckerberg says about the way friend networks help people filter the dizzying array of information available online:

The concept of “the trusted referral” is integral to the success of content sharing on Facebook. We’ve found that it is tremendously more powerful to get a piece of content—an article, a news clip, a video, etc—from a friend, and it makes you much more likely to watch, read, and engage with the content.

People will always want to consume content from experts and they will always look to trusted news sources and journalists for important news and current events, but the market has become so oversaturated that it is now just as important to rely on one’s friends to help filter the news. When you get a news clip from a friend, they are putting their own personal brand on the line, saying “I recommend THIS piece of content to you out of all the content that is out there,”—just as they would recommend a restaurant, or a movie.

We are beginning to see journalists and news/broadcast companies creating a significant presence on Facebook to engage with Facebook users and help facilitate this notion of the trusted referral to assist with the viral spread of content. When journalists can really engage with this audience and enlist Facebook users to market and share their content, that is such a powerful way to share credible news and information and tap into the implicit trust that people have with their friends.



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