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December 08, 2007

ESL features on news websites

To further Amy Gahran’s point on providing simplified english text on news websites, check out the BBC’s “Learn English” section.


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The Knight Digital Media Center has partnered with the Maynard Institute on this special workshop with the goal of helping news organizations develop strategies that will ensure their online content reflects meaningful interaction with “Communities of Difference.” By sharing ideas that support these communities as well as bridge them, we believe online news organizations can play a much greater role than their legacy counterparts in contributing to social and civic dialogue. Communities of Difference are defined simply as everyone who is not like me (or you). In this time of vertical associations built on personal interest and affinity, there is even greater need for horizontal connections or intersections.

This blog reflects the way four USC Annenberg graduate students interpret what they hear during the three-day workshop: Total Community in Cyberspace—Growing Your Audience. We invite you to comment on what you read or to contribute your own insight and ideas to the concepts we are discussing.

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